Sarah Crossan’s #WeAreThePoets Call Out Now Open!

If you work with young people and you believe that poetry and reading have the power to transform lives, we want to hear from you.

Laureate na nÓg Sarah Crossan’s #WeAreThePoets project is now accepting applications. If you want to take part, or have a great idea you think we can help you realise, please watch the video and read on to find out more about Laureate na nÓg and Sarah’s #WeAreThePoets project.


#WeAreThePoets Project 2018-2020

Submission deadline: Friday 19 October, 2018

We are inviting individuals and organisations to submit proposals for projects under Laureate na nÓg Sarah Crossan’s theme #WeAreThePoets.

As Laureate, Sarah is focussing on a small number of themes and projects, initiated by herself and/or in collaboration with others.

Laureate na nÓg has five key aims:

  1. To introduce high quality children’s literature to a new audience of adults, children and young people.
  2. To raise the profile of children’s literature in Ireland.
  3. To increase media attention for children’s literature in Ireland and internationally.
  4. To bring children’s literature into the mainstream conversation about books and literature in Ireland.
  5. To build partnership and co-operation among various players in the children’s literature sector.

Sarah has identified a further theme as Laureate under the title #WeAreThePoets:

The #WeAreThePoets project will work with partners in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland inspiring young people to express themselves through poetry, whether written, spoken or performed. Sarah wants to give their voices and their stories a platform. Ultimately Sarah would like to curate and present work by children and young people from across the island under the banner #WeAreThePoets.

If you work with young people and you have an idea for a #WeAreThePoets project or event that would speak to any of above aims, and which you’d like to work on with Laureate na nÓg, please email by Friday 19 October with the following information:

  • Your name or the name of your organisation/group/school
  • Location
  • Main contact name
  • Main contact telephone number and email address
  • A clear breakdown of how much your event or project would cost
  • State clearly if any funding or match-funding is available
  • State clearly if your event or project would involve partners other than Laureate na nÓg
  • A schedule of when your project/event would take place and how long it would last
  • 300 word description of the project and how it meets the key aims of Laureate na nÓg and the #WeAreThePoets theme

Please note, we welcome and encourage applications from all groups and individuals, regardless of means and funding status.

All requests we receive will be logged and will be prioritised according to their relevance to Laureate na nÓg’s key aims and specific themes. Please be aware that Laureate na nÓg typically receives a very high volume of invitations, and Sarah will only be in a position to accept a small number of those. You can find out more about Laureate na nÓg and Sarah Crossan on our website