Reader’s Review of Once upon a Place: Conn Ó Cléirigh

Thanks very much to Conn, aged 11, for sending us his review of the new Once upon a Place anthology. Here’s a picture of him on launch-night.

I love this book because I think it’s great to have a different author for each story. It means that the stories were all really different. I liked the introduction because I thought it was funny. My two favourite stories were The World’s Greatest Teen Detective by Derek Landy, and The Bear by John Connolly.  I liked the detective story because I thought it was clever, and I liked the main character, Evan. In The Bear, I thought the idea of a bear coming in to the house to watch the TV was funny, and the fascinating facts made me laugh.

I liked the fact that some of the stories turned out differently than I thought they would.

The illustrations in the book are really great. They added to the stories and made them come alive.
In my opinion , this is a really good book, because it is, not just in my opinion. It’s a fact!

Conn Ó Cléirigh

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